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Planning a Playground & Bringing it to Life

By Whirl Construction (427 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on August 17, 2020

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There is nothing like a visit to the playground to lift your spirits. Even just a few minutes of swinging on the monkey bars or gliding down a slide can change your mood for the better. 

Whether you need a playground for a school, waiting area, or any other kind of institution, we’ll help design, create, and install your playground. With decades of industry experience, we can help you achieve the playground of your dreams. 


The act of planning a playground is not always easy, but with our process and skilled team, we’ll make everything as simple and straightforward as can be. 

We’ll be guiding you throughout the entire process below. 

Identifying a location 

Setting the foundation for the playground starts with identifying an optimal location. Once the location has been chosen, our team will assess the space with the goal of creating a well-planned area that is practical and complements the location. We take a thorough approach to assess your space’s dimensions and choose the fixtures best suited for the particular area. 

Creating playground designs 

After carefully taking the area’s specifications into consideration, our team will begin creating a customized and unique design for your space. We are adept at planning the space efficiently to create the playground best suited for the area and that fits within your budget. Not only will we provide recommendations on the best equipment to use, but we’ll also provide recommendations for ADA compliance regulations to make your playground as inclusive as possible. 

Installing the playground 

Prior to installation, our team will bring all of the necessary materials and tools to handle every aspect of the installation. Your newly purchased equipment will be assembled and installed in the safest way possible. After installation is complete, we’ll test each piece of equipment to confirm that everything is safely secured and ready for public use. 

Maintaining the playground

When your playground is ready for children, it’s important to implement an ongoing maintenance plan to increase the playground’s longevity. To keep your playground safe for play, we’ll help you determine the frequency of inspections and maintenance needed based on your playground’s size, location, and equipment.


Creating a safe and fun playground can be an enjoyable process when working with our team. We’ll help you put together a well-planned playground that is highly functional, kid-friendly, and inclusive. 

At Whirl Construction, we strive to provide our customers with complete satisfaction with our services. With multiple decades of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as the preferred provider of playground installations. 

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