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Three Ways a Retaining Wall Can Enhance Your Property

By Whirl Construction (509 words)
Posted in Retaining Walls/Pavers on April 27, 2020

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If you’re searching for a unique addition to your landscape that will add both form and function, look no further than a retaining wall. Property owners and customers love the many benefits of a good retaining wall, from adding visual appeal to providing creative outdoor seating arrangements and even protecting your foundation. 

We’ve been a leader in the construction industry since 1982, and in that time, we’ve installed countless retaining walls for homeowners and commercial properties alike. Retaining walls are a landscaping feature that can bring beauty and value to your property. Here are three things our customers love about their retaining walls. 


They Protect Your Investment 

Retaining walls are most commonly installed as a critical landscape feature to prevent soil erosion and protect your foundation. Decay affects more than surface area; left unchecked, it can affect the health of trees and grasses, leave unsightly puddles and divots in your lawn, and can even compromise the integrity of your foundation. 

An adequately installed wall can protect your lawn from erosion and foundation issues. These walls - which are usually made of stone -  help direct runoff to avoid a muddy mess across your manicured lawn. In some areas, retaining walls are also used to prevent flooding. 

Rather than bringing in another load of dirt, add a retaining wall - it is far more cost-effective in the long run!

They’re Versatile 

Retaining walls are as versatile as they are practical. While their primary function is (usually)  to protect the soil, these walls can also be the structural foundation for features you’ve always wanted. We’ve had customers build retaining walls that double as seating areas, while others added built-in garden beds or spaces for planters. We’ve even seen them used in place of a privacy fence! 

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and multi-functional option, a retaining wall is an excellent choice that will bring versatility to your landscape. 

They Add Visual Appeal 

As with any installation, we work closely with your current landscape to ensure your retaining wall is as beautiful as it is functional. Many of our customers prefer to turn their retaining wall into a focal point. Walls come in a variety of materials, from stone to brick and even treated timbers, depending on your property’s needs and design. Whether you build in features such as raised beds or additional seating or choose to keep it simple, your retaining wall can help add visual appeal no matter the size and layout of your property. 

If you’re adding a wall, why not have a little fun in the process? We suggest getting some inspiration from Houzz, where you can find unique retaining wall and landscape ideas for your project. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late to curb erosion and address runoff issues. No matter your needs, we can help you design a retaining wall that will protect your property while adding a beautiful design aesthetic to your landscape. Call or email us today to schedule your free consultation

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