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Ways to Be Safe and Responsible When Visiting Parks During a Pandemic

By Whirl Construction (434 words)
Posted in Commercial Playgrounds on June 3, 2020

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Although COVID-19 is on the decline in New Jersey, there are still new cases being reported every day. This means it’s still crucial to be safe and responsible when going to public places, such as parks. Here’s how you and your children can still enjoy N.J. parks amidst the pandemic. 


Avoid High-Traffic Touch Points

When going to a park or playground, find the least crowded part of the park you can find. Make sure you and your children avoid touching high-traffic touchpoints such as handrails, benches, and anything else that can be grabbed. Although pathogens are not supposed to survive for long on surfaces, it is still important to stay safe as the weather warms up and parks get busier.

Bring Your Own Games & Supplies

Bring a ball, kite, frisbee or other activity to park to keep your little ones entertained. Families can even make a day of it by bringing folding chairs, blankets, travel board games & snacks. 

Wear Gloves

Let’s face it. We can’t avoid touching absolutely everything. That’s where gloves come in. When you wear gloves, you create a barrier between you and surfaces that may potentially carry viruses. Make sure you and your kids wear gloves the entire time you are at a park or playground. Gloves are only useful if you avoid touching your face, so make sure that there is no contacting between your hands and any exposed part of your body. If you go to a skate park, wear protective clothing in case you accidentally come into contact with a surface. 

Stay Six Feet Away From Everyone 

According to the CDC, staying at least six feet away from other people should keep us safe from any potential airborne pathogen exposure. This is the most helpful step to take to reduce exposure to viruses.

Avoid Swings, Slides, and Tunnels 

While your little ones won’t be too happy about it, staying off of any surfaces at a playground will ensure you and your children play it safe at a park or playground. This includes plastic slides, walls, and tunnels. Wooden and metal outdoor equipment is safer than plastic. Use extreme caution when it comes to playground equipment since the virus can survive for up to a few days (According to CDC). 

Go For Walks and Runs in the Sun 

Sunlight is an excellent disinfectant, and fresh air can help strengthen your immune system. This is why you and your kids can safely enjoy the outdoors by taking walks or runs outside in the sun. You’re getting exercise that keeps you healthy while staying safe during the pandemic. 

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